Press Kit

What’s new with our team?

We recently launched the first phase of Musee Dezentral - our decentralized metaverse museum.

During the pandemic we were unable to do many things we took for granted. In Berlin cultural spaces were closed, like the Museums that we love to visit.

It made us think, “that’s too bad for us, but what about people who never have a chance to visit museums? Not everyone is as lucky as us to live in Berlin, where there are so many amazing museums.”

Musee Dezentral

We decided then to use our experience building immersive 3D web-based experiences, like RAVE SPACE.

Blockchain technology has had lasting impacts on so many aspects of our life, from finance to privacy, from ownership to art. So we thought we would harness this power, and decentralize the entire curation of what art goes into the museum.

In order to do this we have reinvented the idea of what a non-fungible token (NFT) can be. Inside Musee Dezentral each NFT is a unique frame with a specific location inside the museum. The frames give the user the ability to display an NFT from their collection in the museum.

Where are we now?

Currently, we have only opened the entrance hall and special curated room. The entrance is our Hall of Fame, which features NFTs from the earliest and most infamous NFT projects that came before us. The curated room is an area inside the museum where twice a month we invite guest curators to put together art shows.

In early 2022, we will launch the full museum. In total there are three floors and 222 individual frames that will be curated by the community in a decentralized way.

Musee Dezentral

We are not stopping there, next we plan to add additional museums that will feature other forms of art, besides NFT art. For example street art, stolen art, fine art, and more.

Our plan is to allow the museum to evolve in an organic and decentralized way. With the hope that one day it will be a place where people from all over the world can meet, interact with each other, educate themselves about art, and of course feel inspired.

What else is new?

We recently organized a meetup that featured ourselves and other inspiring projects from the NFT, metaverse, and blockchain space. It was hugely successful, there was a lineup down the block.

Musee Dezentral

We also recently built an art gallery for Wolfgang Beltracchi, for the Hashmasks team.