Before Musee Dezentral

The team’s first project was RAVE SPACE. A 3D virtual club that was made as a response to the global pandemic that had made it impossible for lovers of electronic music to meet and dance together.

They created an experience that closely replicates a night out at a techno club in Berlin.

Later, they added a 3D NFT Gallery that is open 24/7, unlike the club which is only open during special events.

Musee Dezentral Rave Space

RAVE SPACE received a lot of positive attention worldwide. The project was covered by , I heart Berlin, and Faze, to name a few.

Shortly afterwards they started building a browser-based 3D NFT museum for legendary artist Wolfgang Beltracchi and, by legendary NFT project Hashmasks. Here is an article about the project in Forbes magazine.

Musee Dezentral The Greats By Wolfgang Beltracchi

In order to build this large and immersive 3D museum they had to build a completely custom 3D engine. The team overcame many of the technical limitations and issues associated with your average 3D gallery, resulting in a very smooth experience.

Next the team decided to build Musee Dezentral, a massive metaverse museum! A truly borderless and accessible cultural experience, much more than just a 3D NFT gallery.

Musee Dezentral - Phase One

Phase one has already opened. Visitors can explore the NFT Hall of Fame in the entrance way, as well as visit the curated exhibits.

We are inviting our favourite art collectives, NFT artists, and NFT projects to curate exhibits in the room next to the entrance area. The exhibits run for half a month.

Musee Dezentral Virtual Exhibition

We also have an interactive frame where visitors can try out our frame mechanism for themselves. Simply interact with the frame and see what an NFT from your collection looks like inside the museum.

Musee Dezentral - Phase Two: Mid February

At this stage the entire NFT museum will open. It will contain 222 Frames that are each a collectible NFT. Owning a frame also grants the user a chance to exhibit an NFT from their collection inside the museum, or rent the frame to someone else.

The museum will integrate Ready Player Me avatars and be a fully multiplayer museum experience. Visitors can bring their own custom avatar to our metaverse museum, hang with new friends, and chat about the art.

During phase two, we will continue to organize community driven events inside our metaverse museum, where the community can participate in artists talks, group shows, and educational talks.

We also believe that a good museums not only inspire but also educate. The museum will contain a wing that is dedicated to educating people about the history of blockchain and NFT projects.

Musee Dezentral Virtual Exhibition

Musee Dezentral - Phase Three: On Going

After the first two phases we will start building phase three, a continuously expanding museum metaverse. The community behind Musee Dezentral will help direct us as we build more metaverse experiences dedicated to other forms of art, such as street art, stolen art, and fine art.

More Immersive Art Experiences
Musee Dezentral Roadmap

The NFT Museum is only the first phase of Musee Dezentral. The larger concept is to continuously grow the museum to include more immersive art experiences, such as museums dedicated to contemporary art, stolen art, street art, sound, and more.