The future of art is decentralized

The vision of Musee Dezentral is to revolutionize the ways in which people experience art. We are passionate about using the latest 3D technology to create immersive browser-based experiences that project the user into an alternate reality.

Musee Dezentral was designed to reimagine the way artists and art collectors can display their artwork, while simultaneously allowing visitors of Musee Dezentral to experience art in new and immersive ways that are borderless and completely free from the limitations of physical space.

Our Technology

Musee Dezentral is created using a custom graphic engine that allows access to as many people as possible, from people with limited smartphone technology to people with the latest in VR technology. The team believes that experiencing art should be accessible.

The team at Musee Dezentral is harnessing the potential of decentralized blockchain technology to empower people, and applying that potential to the art world. Blockchain technology is currently redefining many of the old ways in which we view finance, governance, privacy, and ownership, to name a few. It is only logical that the blockchain revolution would also affect the ways in which we think about art.

»Blockchain is empowering a new generation of creative people«

Rethinking NFTs

Traditionally an artist needed to be accepted ino the inner circle of the art world, through seeking representation at a known gallery, or by applying for grants from government and private institutions. Today, NFTs and online platforms allow artists to curate their own online exhibitions, which disrupts the traditional path that an artist used to seek to build a career for themselves.

Musee Dezentral wishes to push this revolution even further by elevating the idea of what an NFT can be. By taking digital art and NFT’s from the limitations of 2D technology and placing them in a three dimensional world. Inside Musee Dezentral, NFT owners can showcase their digital art in an environment that enhances the aesthetic of the piece, and allows visitors to readily experience the art in an immersive way.

Musee Dezentral


Museums are not only a place to showcase beauty, they are also a place to educate and learn. One of the goals of Musee Dezentral is to educate visitors on blockchain technology, as well as the history of NFT projects that have come before them. The Education era opens with the opening of the whole Museum.

Musee Dezentral

Future Museums

However the team does not plan to stop there, the overall roadmap includes a plan to build more galleries dedicated to street art, stolen art, and more. There are many people all over the world who will never get a chance to physically visit museums. The team at Musee Dezentral hopes that their museums will give people the next best thing, and that someone in small town America or a village in Vietnam can transport themselves into Musee Dezentral and experience Art.

More Immersive Art Experiences
Musee Dezentral Roadmap

The NFT Museum is only the first phase of Musee Dezentral. The larger concept is to continuously grow the museum to include more immersive art experiences, such as museums dedicated to contemporary art, stolen art, street art, sound, and more.